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Megadeth Pulls Out Of Soundwave Festival

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MEGADETH has canceled a formerly announced Australian debate dates after a upholder allegedly erroneously blamed a rope for stealing former METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted‘s new project, simply called NEWSTED, off a billing for MEGADETH‘s “off” dates during this year’s Soundwave festival.

A series of news outlets reported that NEWSTED had been taken off a billing of MEGADETH‘s side shows in Sydney and Melbourne while furloughed Australia on a annual Soundwave festival. Soundwave organizers claimed that Jason Newsted‘s rope was booted from a dates “at a ask of MEGADETH.” However, according to MEGADETH debate manager Jim Carroccio, zero could be serve from a truth.

Dave Mustaine is not obliged for booting NEWSTED off [the Soundwave festival ‘off’ dates],” Carroccio told ABC New Radio. “Dave did not put [Jason] on a check and did not take him off a bill.”

He added: “Dave submitted a list of bands he was gentle with and a upholder abandoned a list.

Dave and Jason are friends [and] this has blown adult into something silly.”

Earlier currently (Sunday, Feb 9), Mustaine expelled a following matter around a central MEGADETH Facebook page:

“Due to resources over a control, unfortunately, MEGADETH has to cancel their Australian dates.

MEGADETH‘s preference is apart to a fact that Jason Newsted is behaving during Soundwave. Jason and we spoke recently and continue to be friends.”

Mustaine combined in a apart posting an hour later: “All we asked for was an reparation for blaming me for something we didn’t do. we am still peaceful to play, though a upholder would rather not apologize and prefers to contend we asked him to lie, that we didn’t.

“Am we a usually one that sees how easy it is to repair this?

“[Australian furloughed noble and Soundwave promoter] AJ Maddah that we know is a correct and caring man, and we don’t know what has happened to my aged friend.

“My bags are packed, Aussie fans.”


Article source: Original story found here.

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